Keep On Truckin' With Laravel

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The Problem

When they came to us, CLR was dealing with an out-of-date transportation management system (TMS) that lacked vital functionality that they were in need of. They wanted to better keep track of the daily operations of their drivers, the shipments they delivered, and the condition of company equipment. Rather than building a new system from scratch or seeking out expensive SaaS products, they opted to update their legacy system to modern standards.

The Solution

We knew that the goal of this project wasn’t to reinvent the wheel but instead to expand the capabilities of their current TMS. The user interface of the legacy system was lackluster and completing tasks required multiple unnecessary steps. We knew that utilizing Laravel & Vue.JS’s functionalities was the proper way to advance with the project.

Easy Remote Access

By leaving the custom TMS as a web-based application, the client is guaranteed to have easy access to their data from any location necessary. There’s no need for large files to be downloaded, or constant updates to be pushed on a user level. Being that our client conducts business across the nation, this was pivotal for a smoother user experience.

Accompanying Mobile App For Drivers

Accessibility was taken a step further by providing their team members on the road with a custom mobile application to assist in their daily operations. The mobile app allows drivers to log in with a personalized ID to log shipments, upload proper documentation, and inspect the vehicle via uploaded photographs.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

The custom mobile application also allowed the client to monitor their shipments in real-time via GPS coordinate tracking. Administrators of the customized TMS are able to export customized reports of their shipment information to better understand the current state of their business.

The Results

With a newly developed custom TMS, our client is now able to better analyze their daily operations on a more granular level. Data is able to be accessed on a real-time basis and analyzed, all while staying immediately connected to their drivers on the road across the nation. On top of all of these benefits, the client is now in complete control & maintains full ownership of their custom TMS and the accompanying data it stores.

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