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Who is MeRGE?

MeRGE is a full-service digital marketing agency & community engagement platform with a passion & focus on all things health, wealth, and happiness in the world. With 8 locations across the nation, they assist in merging storytelling and technology for leaders in a variety of industries. Alongside the services provided, MeRGE offers online donation applications for use in churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations.

The Challenge at Hand

MeRGE was looking to expand its internal development team as a project came through its doors that required extra hands on deck. The engagement was not long enough to justify hiring internal team members but required enough work that a single contracted developer could not complete by themselves. Then found themselves seeking a team with integrated management that could augment their staff for a dictated amount of time.

The Solution

Rather than utilizing offshore staff augmentation agencies, MeRGE preferred to use a local vendor that could provide Team-as-a-Service (TaaS) capabilities. As opposed to staff augmentation, our TaaS model allows for integrated management oversight from our Lead Developers, and flexibility to exchange team members based on your needs, all while increasing your efficiency & productivity.

Integrated Management Oversight

Rather than MeRGE having to oversee all of the work executed by their outsourced developers, our TaaS model integrated Lead Developers to relieve them of that burden. Their extensive development experience equipped them with the knowledge to troubleshoot development issues & accurately set expectations for future development work. Without these responsibilities, MeRGE’s leadership team was able to go about their regular business while knowing that the development work was still being adequately taken care of.

Exchange Developers' Skillsets as Needed

As MeRGE’s project continued forward, they realized that they were going to need additional development skillsets than they initially intended. Rather than having to outsource yet another developer, our TaaS model allowed us to swap in and out developers, based on their skill sets, without changing the original agreement with MeRGE themselves.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

With additional development resources now at their disposal, MeRGE was able to drastically increase their productivity levels going forward. The assigned software engineers were easily able to get up to speed on the tasks at hand and maintain stride with their internal development team; overall increasing their productivity levels.

The Results

After it was all said and done, MeRGE was able to successfully finish the required project with an increased level of confidence in the final piece. What was originally out of reach for their original development team turned out to be fully achievable once integrated with the proper additional development resources.

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