Sellin' Jets With AI & Machine Learning

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The Challenge at Hand

Our client was looking to take the next step in growth and break into different markets than they were already serving. They wanted to tap into a specific sector within engineering & aerospace business development, which meant a lot of new data needed to be organized.

Their current software solution would not have been able to withstand the increasing scale of their efforts, and they realized they needed a tailored CRM solution. After a quick Google search for ‘US-based agencies’, they came across our team.

The Solution

To best allow the client to compete within their new sector, a tailored Sales Management Software system needed to be developed. It needed to enable the client’s efforts of outreaching new potential clients and streamline the accompanying processes. The original scope ended up having to be altered midway through the development process, but the developers assigned to the project didn’t bat an eye.

In the end, the sales management system not only kept logs of important client information & data points but also utilized an integrated web crawling system to farm new potential clients.

Keyword Level Cross-Referencing

The integrated crawler is able to analyze the results of its past crawls and identify the relevancy of certain information with the power of machine learning. As time goes on, this system will continue to be trained with custom models to source the most relevant data possible.

Staying In The Know With New Leads

The admin users within the sales management platform are automatically notified in real-time when new lead information has been stored within the system. It’s like a social media feed, but for their sales pipeline!

The Results

By the end of the project, we were able to provide the client with a tailored Sales Management Platform that streamlined a plethora of business processes. Not only did they have a bespoke methodology in which they could store information, but they also eliminated the tedious task of sourcing new potential client information from across the web. Rather than conforming their business to the tools at hand, they benefited greatly from crafting their tools around the needs of their business itself.

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