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Who is Aware3?

Focused on making participation easier for its surrounding church members, Aware3 combines technical know-how and the pursuit of connecting communities across the nation to serve its users. A subsidiary of Nelnet Inc, their platform has continued to expand and become accessible across a variety of devices, providing ample opportunity to help others.

The Challenge At Hand

Before our engagement, Aware3 was utilizing a legacy system to operate its online appeals process for all its users. In order to properly scale the organization, this system needed to be upgraded to meet modern-day development standards. Their in-house development team needed to be bigger to tackle the job alone in the timeframe that they desired.

Aware3 was looking for a development partner that would not only be able to get the job done right but could also integrate as a part of the overall development team. They knew that this would not have been possible through a pure “staff augmentation” model, but instead could be achieved through our Team-as-a-Service structure.

The Solution

In 2019, we began integrating our development team into their internal software department to tackle their online appeals product. With both of us being based in Kansas City, we are easily able to augment their staff and attend in-person meetings as needed. This flexibility provided all that both teams required to complete the project at hand successfully.

Flexibility In Development Skillsets

Throughout the extended engagement with Aware3, we had to swap in and out developers based on the skillsets needed by the project itself. Rather than outsourcing another whole software development team or negotiating an agreement with a separate freelance developer, we can temporarily assign our developers to the project for the time needed.

Seamless Augmentation of the Development Team

Our Lead Developers & Software Engineers were easily able to integrate with Aware3’s internal development team by joining online chat channels in Slack & Jira. This provided the opportunity for the teams to stay connected with each other with ease. With this, the development teams regularly have stand-up meetings to make sure the whole group is on the same page in the future.

Utilization of QA Software Developers

Throughout the engagement with Aware3, we have also provided QA development services to ensure the final project is free of bugs and errors for the end user. The augmented team has been able to have its software analyzed and reviewed with fresh eyes to guarantee its functionality in production.

The Results

As of this writing in 2023, our engagement with Aware3 is still continuing as strong as ever. The augmented software development team functions like a well-oiled machine and continues to stay up to date-with everything that is needed by the project. Because of these efforts, Aware3’s finalized online appeals products are going to house all of the functionalities that are needed.

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